Jacob and his wife Emily founded BDL Nutrition back in 2018, the idea was to start building awareness and gain experience whilst Jay was studying nutrition at Bath Spa University.
The company’s journey began by helping individuals lose weight through free coaching, and over time they began building a reputation for getting permanent results in the easiest way.
Fast forward a couple of years and BDL Nutrition is now the South West’s leading nutrition consultancy, specialising in providing their clients with a personable and easy approach to reaching their goals. Whether these goals are weight loss, performance enhancement or muscle gain, BDL Nutrition provide a tailored, science backed approach to coaching their clients and getting them the best results possible.
BDL’s services include individual and group coaching for all, from Olympic level athletes to stay at home mums, and high-flying businessmen.

Meet the Team

Jay (AKA, The Weight-loss Wizard!)

Jay is the scientist behind BDL Nutrition. He holds a degree in Human Nutrition and is registered with the Independent Regulator for Registered Nutritionists. He has developed a reliable reputation with his nutrition coaching clients and is passionate about educating and helping people to manage their own nutrition and develop a healthy lifestyle.

Jay has had a keen interest in health and fitness from a young age, having grown up playing Rugby, Football, Cricket and moving up the ranks in Karate, he now enjoys Crossfit and attends the local gym Crossfit Chew Valley

His passions also lie with body building and combat sports. 

Em (AKA, The Peach!)

Em is also passionate about health and fitness, she loves to create healthy low calorie meals and snacks – you’ll find these on her instagram feed!

Em has competed successfully in show jumping all her life, her passion lies in the equestrian world and her wealth of experience allows BDL to provide specialist rider nutrition coaching. 

Jazzy (AKA, BDL Mascot!)

Jazzy is by far the cutest member of team BDL, she loves keeping active by going for long country walks!

Team BDL in Pictures

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