BDL Clients

We’re lucky to continue to work with a wide variety of clients, from all different backgrounds with individual goals. Keep scrolling to see what our clients have to say and view some some of their amazing transformations! 

"I really enjoyed working with BDL. They are motivating and have superb knowledge about nutrition and exercise. They made it simple and easy. I really enjoyed getting the results that I was looking for."
"I've not only kept the weight off but I am more active than ever and feeling more confident for it. Couldn't recommend Jay enough, top bloke who genuinely wants to help people."
"I approached BDL to help me lose weight for my boxing fights as I was always doing the yoyo diet and finding it hard to keep the weight off. With the help from these guys I made weight so much easier and couldn't believe how much I was eating. I would highly recommend BDL."
"BDL took me from my lowest point to heights I thought not possible but with great guidance I’m smashing every target put in front of me without ever feeling under pressure and wanting to quit."
"I approached Jay as I had hit a wall with fat loss & had trouble getting rid of the fat around my tummy. After 3 months the stubborn fat reduced & my fat loss goal was achieved. I'm now able to continue to maintain at my target weight & improve my body condition & appearance."
"Both Jay and Em are really great at what they do. Not only do they give amazing advice on sustainable weight loss and exercise to achieve your goals, they both practise what they preach which in itself is pretty inspiring!"
"Since making that first phone call to jay at BDL Nutrition I can honestly say it has completely changed how I look at food and what I’m eating. The support I’ve received is first class. "

A flexible approach tailored to individual lifestyles

Our coaching process in completely flexible to fit around your lifestyle and career. We’ve coached clients who have worked for the below companies: 

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