BDL Nutrition’s 2019 Free Client Completely Transforms His Life!

At the beginning of 2019 we ran a competition across social media to give a worthy individual the chance to work with us for free for a whole year: Matt was that luck person!

What a year we had working with Matt; he began his journey with us weighing more than 20 stone and feeling that there was no hope. He’d tried everything throughout his life to try and lose the weight including getting fit enough for boxing matches and 10k runs!

We established the hurdles within Matt’s life and worked with him to implement the basics. We were able to keep him accountable when times were tough and most importantly brought the balance to his life that he needed.

Fast forward 8 months and Matt lost over 7 stone! He did this without any food restrictions or even having a gym membership!

You can watch Matt’s journey on our YT Channel.

So as we turn to a new year and Matt’s journey with BDL comes to end we’ll be looking to find a new worthy individual to work with us for free for a year!

To enter you need to join our January weigh loss workshop, again this is totally free, it will last for a week and give you a chance to learn some weight loss basics! To sign up just click here and follow the link.

At the end of the workshop, the winner will be announced – Good luck!!

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