Could now be the perfect time to work on your Health and Fitness?

We know, you’ve nearly been in quarantine for a week now, you’ve lost track of what day it is and you’re only reading this blog because you’re bored, right? 

Well listen up, for most of us last week was a write-off, motivation was low, stress levels were high and the easiest thing was to see everything in sight, and why not if the world is ending!?

Well, it turns out we’re still here, the earth is still turning and we’re all beginning to come to terms with adapting to this new lifestyle. So maybe it’s time to start giving yourself a new focus and put more effort into training and nutrition?

That said, working on health and fitness is a challenge at the best of times so here are some tips to help you commit whilst being at home:

  1. Set a certain time of the day for exercising and commit to doing it. For a lot of people getting this done in the morning works best.
  2. Let your friends and family keep you accountable. Put it on your story that you have completed your workout and are sticking to a calorie target.
  3. Use an online coach to help you set goals and learn!
  4. Try a new form of exercise, maybe you would enjoy yoga or cycling. The world is your oyster!
  5. Build that garage gym you’ve always wanted and start busting those weights.

We’ve said it many times before, there is enough conclusive evidence out there to show that being active helps reduce stress and anxiety, another reason why now, more than ever is the time to focus on your health and fitness.

If you would like to discuss joining our online slimming group, or getting 1-2-1 coaching then email us to arrange your free consultation call.

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