Do you want to achieve life changing results whilst still being able to live your life?

Are you always on a diet? 


You feel like you’ve tried it all but simply regain the weight every time?


Confused about what foods you should be eating?


Do you want to work with a qualified Nutritionist who educates you to include all foods, achieve the results you want and more?!


If this is you then keep reading…

“Hey peeps, my name’s Jay and I’m the founder and lead nutritionist here at team BDL.

If you’re on this page there’s a good chance you’ve seen what we do here at the nutrition consultancy!

You want a simple step by step process to help tailor your diet to your needs and wants?

Then you’re in the right place, we know the science to get the results you want to fit your individual lifestyle!

Over the last 5 years we have helped 100s of people across the southwest achieve the results they want as well as; building confidence, a better knowledge on food, improved health markers such as reversed type 2 diabetes, improved sports performance and much more!

In 2021 alone, our clients have collectively lost over 4000kg, that’s more than 8500lbs or 600 stone! (We’re not exaggerating!) 

And with a 96% success rate of maintaining this weight loss as part of a balanced lifestyle.

Wherever you are in your journey, we can assess your current diet and environment and take you to a place physically as well as mentally you never thought you could achieve!

All you need to do is book a free consultation call, speak to a nutritionist and we will see if we are the right fit for you.

Look forward to hearing from you,


Would our process work for you?

These are the qualities we look for in successful BDL Clients…

What do our clients have to say?

"Since making that first phone call to jay at BDL Nutrition I can honestly say it has completely changed how I look at food and what I’m eating. The support I’ve received is first class. "
"BDL nutrition have been absolutely fabulous from beginning to end. Without ever feeling like I'm 'dieting' I'm down 7kg and in the best shape of my life."
"Jay is absolutely amazing, I've lost over 15kg with his help and advice. He has helped me with my nutrition and my overall fitness. Highly recommend if you are wanting to lose weight and sort your nutrition out. Absolutely amazing man."
"Highly recommended! Knows his stuff and their personalised approach to each client is fantastic."
"I would really recommend BDL, I now have a wealth of knowledge regarding nutrition. They have taught me so much about what is actually important. I have found it incredible for my physical and mental health. Also, their cook books are amazing!"

We're proud to say that 90% of our sales come from word of mouth recommendations!

What will you achieve by working with BDL Nutrition?

Our coaching will show you how to tailor your diet to your needs rather than tailoring your life around a diet.


We’ll show you how to drop body fat, maintain those results and show you how to build muscle/improve sports performance.


We make everything efficient, no more time wasting. We set out an easy timeline for you to follow to get you the results you want.


Your confidence in your actions will improve leaps and bounds and we will encourage you to do more not just with your health but your lifestyle.


We won’t just get you the end results, we will teach and show you how it happened giving you the power to know exactly what to do for the future.


You might wonder why we keep pointing this out…


A good builder builds a wall that will stand a lifetime, we work to the same standard. 


We don’t want you to come back or have to diet ever again.


We want you to be able to enjoy life for what it should be.

So what's included in our 1-2-1 Coaching?

  • An in depth assessment of your current nutrition, habits and lifestyle. 

  • Access to our nutrition app with tailored individual targets.

  • Weekly 1-2-1 coaching calls with your assigned nutritionist.

  • Access to our recipe database with over 500+ meals.

  • Access to our in house chef for help with cooking skills.

  • Tailored workout programs if required. (Yes many of our clients results have been obtained without the use of gym equipment).

  • Weekly virtual nutrition classes to discuss common struggles and to improve your nutrition knowledge.

  • Training videos on how to use our systems.

Ready to get involved?

If you’re ready to kiss fad diets and food restrictions goodbye then follow the link below to book in your free consultation call:

Then keep an eye open for some pre call emails. We look forward to working with you!

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