Take your Fitness Tracker with a Pinch of Salt

Fitness trackers such as Fitbits and Apple watches are great for encouraging people to become more active, developing healthy habits and staying accountable to keeping up a certain level of activity.

Research has shown that they are reasonably accurate when it comes to measuring step count and heart rate, however not so accurate when it comes to calorie counting. In fact, studies have shown some trackers to overestimate the amount of calories burned by up to to 93%. 

Therefore we advise our clients to use their trackers for step count and motivation. Workouts are better off being monitored by enjoyment and progression than the amount of calories burned. 

Overall, increased levels of activity combined with a calorie deficit are most effective for long term weight-loss and weight-management. 

We recommend Fitbits, Apple Watches & Garmin Watches for the most accurate step count tracking.

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